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with Windy City Wishes

It's that time of year again!! The Mad Hatter is planning a tea party and needs YOUR help deciding who his guest of honor should be!


Download, print, and fill out a bracket  or fill out an online bracket here- each week we will post polls on our Facebook page & Instagram stories to decide which character moves to the next round! 


Then join Mr. Hatter and his guest of honor for a FREE meet and greet on Sunday, April 24th!


Make sure you "Like" us on Facebook and "Follow" us on Instagram so you don't miss any updates.

Join the challenge and fill out your bracket here or email a photo of your printed bracket (and shipping address) to before the first poll is posted on Monday, 3/21 at 11am for a special prize!

Voting Schedule:


3/21 - (Round 1) Jasmine vs Rapunzel

3/22 - (Round 1) Alice vs Tinkerbell

3/23 - (Round 1) Ariel vs Tiana

3/24 - (Round 1) Elena vs Cinderella

3/25 - (Round 1) Snow White vs Aurora

3/26 - (Round 1) - Anna vs Moana

3/28 - (Round 1) - Belle vs Raya

3/29 - (Round 1) - Elsa vs Mirabel


3/31 - Round 2

4/1 - Round 2

4/4 - Round 2

4/5 - Round 2


4/7 - Fabulous Four

4/8 - Fabulous Four


4/11 Grand Finale


4/24 MAD TEA PARTY! Free Meet and Greet with Mad Hatter and Special Guest

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